Pattern Wizard

Pattern Wizard 2.2.1

Create craft patterns to the size of your choosing


  • Nice looking interface
  • Variety of design settings
  • Detailed tutorial included


  • Additional program needed to print at any size
  • Not intuitive to use without the tutorial

Not bad

Pattern Wizard is an application that allows you to create designs on a grid-based interface that can be set up for printing out afterward.

You can draw craft patterns of virtually any size on Pattern Wizard using the application's grid system. It also automatically tiles across pages; there's no manual tweaking required on your part. One neat feature is that Pattern Wizard allows you to trace photographs. It also provides quite a few different ways to trace them: lines, rectangles, circles, curves, and arcs. This gives you quite a few options to ensure your tracing matches the picture as closely as possible. If you make a mistake and draw out of line, Pattern Wizard simply allows you to click and drag your pattern into the appropriate place, as well.

Once printed, the tracings you make with Pattern Wizard are great for almost any kind of use. Sewing aficionados will find Pattern Wizard ideal for cross-stitch patterns. Carpenters can use them for wood-working. Pattern Wizard's print-outs can also be used for wood-working, applique, doll patterns, and even metal art.

Unfortunately, Pattern Wizard can be a little difficult to use in the beginning if you're unfamiliar with its interface. Pattern Wizard provides a very thorough help section, as well as a tutorial you can read through, if you have the patience. Pattern Wizard's developer also provides another software tool for printing out your patterns perfectly. Sadly, it is not included in the Pattern Wizard download package but is instead a separate program. If you just want to play around on the computer making patterns, Pattern Wizard allows you to do that. If you actually want to make sure your patterns print properly, the other tool is useful to have.

Pattern Wizard makes creating unique patterns on your PC relatively easy, if you're willing to read the tutorial.

Pattern Wizard


Pattern Wizard 2.2.1

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